Box Boy & Box Girl is a puzzle/platformer type of game that tells the adventure of two little cubes. They will have to combine their strengths in order to solve the enigmas of the large amount of levels the game offers.

This game can be played by a maximum of two players, each of them playing one of the little cubes. This game joins my “Two player game” collection.


Box Boy & Box Girl in details

It is a 2D platformer type of game that uses a limited range of colour and a lot of simple and geometrical forms. You will encounter no monsters, but puzzles that you will have to pass to go on: go on a platform too high to simply jump on it, activate a switch to open a door…


In order to do so, the main characters, Box Boy and Box Girl will have to cooperate. The only difference between them is the beautiful ribbon that Box Girl wears. It will be possible to modify their appearance, but we will talk about that later. Let’s come back on the power of those little cubes! It consists of building cubes or chains of cubes. Thanks to those cubes, they crate platforms, stairs or hooks that allow them to go through each of the available levels.

The level of difficulty evolves slowly as you go through the levels. You will also discover as you go new ways to use the powers of Box Boy and Box Girl. The evolving difficulty of the game will put, step by step, the cooperation between you and your partner to the test.

The cooperation at the heart of the game

Even though you can play the game by yourself, this game clearly highlights the cooperation between two players. The game really invites the two partners to reflect and act together. You will have to help one another to go on platforms, pass ravines or open the doors for your partner. And all of that, while creating the less cubes possible: eco style!

Most of the time you will be together, but from time to time, you will have to evolve in parallel to end up by re-joining your partner at the end door. That is a very important part, to finish a level, you must both reach the end door. This concept favours cooperation even more!

Terminer les niveaux à deux

The gameplay and the diversity of levels

The gameplay is really well thought out and the actions of each of the little cubes are really simple while offering a large range of possible actions: place cubes down, throw them, use them to raise yourself on a platform…

The challenges/puzzles are really diversified and they force you to act together or sometimes one after the other in order to go through each level without too much trouble. The difficulty evolution is progressive: the elements of the décor evolve, forcing you to use different ways of creating blocks to go on.

At the end of each level, you will get a grade depending on the number of blocks that you will have used: the less cubes you use, the higher your score will be and will make you win coins. The coins will enable you to buy costumes to personalise the appearance of your cube. You will be able to put a bonnet, a pirate’s or witch’s hat, a scarf, a devil’s tail or cats moustaches… It’s really funny

The game is particularly addictive and develops naturally cooperation between the two players.



If you like platform and enigmas games, Box Boy & Box Girl is made for you. The designs are simple without giving an empty feeling. The puzzles are well thought out with a simple and efficient gameplay to solve them. Personally I found this game really nice!

Now, you just have to find a partner to share the game with. You will spend a nice time for sure!

For me, it’s a beautiful discovery that I can only recommend.

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