Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II

  • Genres : Adventure, RPG, Action
  • Publishers : Pqube
  • Developers : The Gentle bros
  • Players : 1-2
  • Consoles : Nintendo Switch
  • Languages : Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, American English
  • Release date  : October 24, 2019

It is with the greatest pleasure that I propose you a little preview of Cat Quest II, an independent game in the style of an action/adventure/rpg game. I did a small presentation on the first episode of the game Cat Quest developed by The Gentle bros and edited by PQube. I had loved the story, the humour, the designs and the gameplay of that game. Actually, Cat Quest was a favourite of mine!

In the first game, the developers had teased with ability, the probable release of another episode including our dog friends at the heart of this epic cat-ddictive adventure. The condition was for the first game to be appreciated by the players.

For my greatest pleasure, the game sold pretty well, in any case sufficiently well to have a boxed version of Cat Quest and for the following game to be released today in dematerialised version on the eShop: Cat Quest II.

I had the chance of getting the game a few days before in order to propose this little preview to you. I thank PQube for their trust.

A story between cats and dogs

You don’t play a Dragonblood cat anymore as in the first game, but a team constituted with reincarnations od the first cat and dog king. Together, they will have to deliver their two kingdoms of the vile monarchs, Wolfen and Lioner, who plunged their kingdoms into terror.  

The story is the same as in Cat Quest: simple and efficient. I still haven’t gone far enough in the main story of the game, but I home to find the same twists and turns as in the first game.

I will of course keep my article up to date as I make new discoveries.

Les deux rois

A gameplay always as addictive

Yunicia adore !

We can find about the same mechanics as before: attacks, avoiding the attacks and magical spell. You can choose to play as a mage, hand to hand fighter or a mix of the two. Small evolution the mage doesn’t hit the enemies with its stick but sends small energy balls.

But where there is a true difference is the fact of having a two character team and not a lonely cat! You will have to equip both of your characters and share the spells between them. An artificial intelligence takes automatically care of the character you are not playing. You can also switch between characters according to the situation.

But the biggest new feature and that really is exciting, is the ability to play in local coop. One of the two players will play the kitten and the second one the dog.

It’s really nice to be able to share this game with two players, I am really excited to test the coop mode.

Forge de Kit Cat

A fantasticat and charming humour

The humour is still very present in the game! For the ones who played the first game you will find the same humour cat-efully brought by the developers in the cat’s kingdom and you will find its equivalent in the dog’s universe.

The game is filled with references to classics and the first opus. I find it really enjoyable and it makes me smile when I play or when I think about the game.

Forge d'Hatoutou Clebzo

The lifespan and the ambiance

The lifespan of the game is as long if not a little longer than in the first game when you look at the map.

The cat’s kingdom looks like the kingdom of the first game and gave me too much self confidence. Thinking I had landed in a kingdom that I knew I didn’t take the time to build up my characters’ levels… huge error from me I died twice… That Is to say that even though it looks cute on a graphics and music level, the game gives a little bit of a challenge.

The dogs’ kingdom is more arid and with less greenery than the cat’s one. The monsters are also different. The graphics are also cute, but give out a more rigorous and orderly ambiance than the cats. A different ambiance!

One lets itself easily taken in the universe for one or two hours as the gameplay and ambiance are so addictive.

What changes with the first Cat Quest

The two-players mode is the first thing that can be noted. It’s a real evolution that promises to share good times of fun for two.

There is also a large amount of saves. On Cat Quest 2, we can now save three different games on the same account.

The menus and save points have also evolved to be more visible and allow the management of two characters instead of one.

Finally, the start of the quests no longer takes place through the notice board, but directly through the Non Player Characters on the map. It is also possible to reinitialise the quests thanks to a small magical book that floats a little distance away from where you started the quest. It is quite useful when you are a little lost.

Temple des arcanes

In conclusion

I didn’t really have the time to go in depth with my test, but I really wanted to give you a first opinion for when the game would be released. I will keep on playing during the weekend and will tell you more about the game once I spent a little more time on it.

However, I can assure you that if you liked the first Cat Quest game, you can go ahead and get Cat Quest II. The game proposes the same so addictive gameplay with a few enjoyable improvements, a story full of humour and icing on the cake: the coop mode.

I really recommend to you this new adventure in the kingdom of cute kittens and softy doggies. The game brings some freshness and will allow you to relax after a busy day or week.