Jenny Leclue

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

  • Genre : Adventure, Other, Platformer, Puzzle
  • Publisher : Mografi
  • Developer : Mografi
  • Players : 1
  • Consoles :Nintendo Switch
  • LanguagesJapanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese
  • Release date :26/08/2020

Hello everyone,

Today we meet for the Jenny LeClue – Detectivu review, a point and click that I loved! It’s only the third game in this genre that I play after Röki and When the past was Around and it’s my favorite. And guess what? I’ll tell you about it in details now in this test!

An intriguing scenario: a murder investigation, but not only that!

The game begins with a dark cinematic to set on a stormy night which a man dressed in a black raincoat and black hat, is seen walking through the woods in the rain. Even the lightning does not allow us to see his face. The man then takes a small rowing boat and continues his way to the center of a lake. There, he activates a mechanism and a dark tower emerges from the lake… He rushes in and disappears! A creepy scene !

Jenny Leclue - 06

It is at this precise moment that the scenario of the game becomes clearer and is put into place. Jenny LeClue is a novel heroine !!!

Indeed, after this most gloomy scene we find ourselves in the warm office of Mr. Finkelstein, the author of Jenny’s adventures. Our writer is working on the 38th volume of the series. He describes the quiet and peaceful little town of Arthurton whose only interest is the fact that young Jenny LeClue lives there. This idyllic and somewhat boring description is interrupted by the sound of a telephone ringing.

It is Mr. Richard, Mr. Finkelstein’s publisher. He is calling our writer to make sure that he is following the latest recommendations he has given him for this new book. Our writer doesn’t really seem to agree with his publisher, and for good reason, the publisher is asking him to write a new story that is darker, more mysterious and more mature than the traditional Jenny LeClue adventures. The publisher wants Mr. Finkelstein to build a real detective story with a murder to satisfy readers and make more sales!

It is a fact, Jenny LeClue’s adventures are no longer selling… It must be said that the books are similar to our « Martine goes to school », « Martine goes to the beach », but in a budding detective way… If the author doesn’t change anything, the Jenny LeClue series will end on this last 38th volume… A real dilemma for our writer.

Jenny Leclue - 02
Jenny Leclue - 01

Finkelstein was furious, but eventually accepted the publisher’s request and reluctantly began writing again. This time, Jenny will have a real police investigation to solve! So we resume the game by discovering Jenny’s corpse !!!! The shock! But this is just a staging for her mother’s class, who teaches crime scene analysis to students.

In short, I won’t go any further into the story to let you discover it for yourself. But just so you know, it is particularly well written ! There will be suspense, mysteries and of course a murder… In short, the perfect recipe for a real detective series!

Jenny Leclue - 14
Yunicia adore !

I really, really loved the concept: going from the writer’s desk to the heart of the story by playing the character of Jenny was a treat! Moreover, the soundtrack and sound effects are excellent, not to mention the sublime English dubbing! The game plunges us completely into the adventure and I honestly had a hard time turning off the console to go to sleep because I loved the game so much! Between my curiosity for the scenario and my wonder for the graphics and dubbing, it’s a real challenge to let go of this game!

Jenny Leclue - 04

Let’s talk a little bit technical because it’s not a book, but a video game after all !

As you read it, I was literally carried away by the game’s scenario, but also by its graphics, its soundtrack and this fabulous « so British » dubbing!

The game is clearly beautiful: the graphics look like those of a comic book for teenagers (12 – 14 years old) and give the game a crazy charm. Each character or landscape is drawn with care offering the player the necessary details for a point and clicks. The design of the characters is well thought out, reflecting the personality and role of each one at first glance. In short, the graphic universe of Jenny Le Clue is for me a great achievement. I like the feeling that my Switch is a comic book box as the story unfolds before my eyes.

Jenny Leclue - 05
Jenny Leclue - 11
Jenny Leclue - 12

On the soundtrack side, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent dubbing in British English. A real pleasure for the ears! The game is of course entirely in French, but the English dubbing is accessible and pleasant! I think it’s the first time I’ve spent so much time on dubbing in a game, but they really bring charm to the adventures of the famous Jenny LeClue.

Concerning the rest of the soundtrack: the background music and sound effects give depth to the graphics as well as to the storyline, making each scene livelier and more realistic. Both are of very good quality, but I got stuck on the dubbing which I simply adored !

Now let’s move on to the gameplay. Honestly, it’s just as good as the rest of the game. It’s a standard click point in which you have to gather clues to move forward in your investigation. Once you have enough evidence in your possession, Jenny will do an analysis to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and draw the necessary conclusions to advance your investigation. The graphical realization of this analysis phase is done via Jenny’s detective notebook and the layout is really cute!

The gameplay is intuitive and quite addictive, especially when you want to see Jenny writing again in her beautiful notebook! The puzzles are diverse enough not to be boring and during your exploration you’ll also be able to find pieces of postcards that have been torn up. These postcards are optional, but offer a cute secondary quest.

Only one or two puzzles have annoyed me by their somewhat rigid gameplay or the slow resolution: one in the library and the other during the boat phase .

Anyway, apart from that, it’s a clear round for Jenny LeClue who managed to hold me a little more than 12 or 14 hours in front of my console.

Jenny Leclue - 03
Yunicia adore !


Jenny LeClue – Detectivu is a game I highly recommend! It benefits from an excellent art direction as much for the scenario as for its soundtrack, its graphics and of course, its English dubbing.

The gameplay is fluid and intuitive, letting you forget about it and concentrate on the fun and diverse puzzles that make up the game. The lifespan is a good dozen hours, which unfortunately goes by far too fast considering the quality of the scenario, so that at the end you wonder when the sequel will be released.

It’s a real favorite and a perfect game to discover points and click especially if you like detective series!

I’ll see you soon!