Boite Pokemon Let's Go evoli avec Pokeball

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee

  • Genres : RPG
  • Publishers : Nintendo
  • Developers : GAME FREAK
  • Players : 1 – 2
  • Consoles : Nintendo Switch
  • Languages : Spanish, French, English
  • Release date : November 16, 2018

So, let’s see what this first Pokemon game on switch is worth. Its release made a lot of noise, in particular the modification of the experience gain system and the capture of wild Pokemon in the same way as in Pokemon Go.

I have to say I hesitated before pre-ordering the game, I actually only bought one of the two versions when as a fan of the series, I have every single RPG since the blue version on Game Boy in 1999. I ended up by buying the pack with Evoli (my favorite Pokemon) and the PokeBall Go Plus that I use as a remote.

A dive into the past

So many memories came to me when I launched the game and arriving once again in Palett town! Nothing changed since the first time I played Pokemon.

Well, actually yes, my character is a girl, the graphics are magnificent, the animations of the characters are fluid, but the environment stays familiar. The music also invite the player to remember the first games of the series even though they have been largely improved since the Game Boy version.

As you go along the adventure, all the codes of the Pokemon RPG series for the greatest pleasure of the fans!

One of the novelties is the apparition of the characters from the TV saga. I really appreciated to find the arena champions, Jessie, James and Meowth…

Prepare for trouble!

And make it double!

To protect the world from devastation!

To unite all peoples within our nation!

To denounce the evils of truth and love!

To extend our reach to the stars above!



Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight


That’s right!

Sorry I couldn’t stop myself XD. I love their motto.

Anyways, we can realise that Nintendo really played the nostalgia side of the series:

  • The Kanto region
  • The Pokemons of the first generation
  • The arena champions of the TV series
  • The team rocket with Jessie, James, Meowth and the Boss…

I have to say that for me the “remembrance” side worked! I am really happy being able to play again in the same universe than the very first RPG Pokemon on the screen of my television although the gameplay was different.

Pokémon Let's Go - Carte

The Pokemon Let’s Go gameplay

One of the principal feature put forward when the game was released was the new capture and experience game system. In fact, in Pokemon Let’s Go, the combats against the wild Pokemons don’t exist anymore.

Instead, the capture system is inspired by the mobile game Pokemon Go that allows the player to capture the wild Pokemons by “mimicking” the throw of a pokeball. Where the remote Pokeball Go Plus created exclusively for the game. Of course you can play with a joy-con, but the Pokeball Go Plus is really nice to use.

That is a new way of playing that is going to create a huge gap between the players… Indeed, the game system makes a huge change for the fans of the series that don’t really like this very particular gameplay.

In a global view, I really regret to not have been able to fight against the wild Pokemons. That represents about 80% of the time on the game in the old versions. And it is also one of my favourite feature in the old games…

However, on the capture thanks to the Pokeball Go Plus, I have to say that I love it. Throwing the Pokeball is very addictive! It’s so enjoyable to be able to play only with this small remote and to “mime” a thrown in order to capture a Pokemon.

Even though my dog tries to take my PokeBall Go Plus each time I play. My games quickly become difficult when I have to catch a Pokemon and at the same time throw a tennis ball to my doggy!

It is the same problem I had with Zelda Skyward Sword, I haven’t even finished it, because my dog jumps on me as soon as I make vertical or horizontal movements to beat my enemies… I have to say that he loves to play…

That is why I tried the portable mode, and took the Switch into my bed. And yes, just like my Game Boy at the time. But I was really disappointed! Throwing the pokeball thanks to gyroscope of the Switch is a lot less intuitive and the fun side of the throw of the Pokeball goes away and breaks the playful side of the game…

Yunicia erf !

The difficulty in Pokemon Let’s Go

To be honest there wasn’t any from my point of view… at least not in the basic story mode. The Pokemons go quickly up in level. Chasing the shiny Pokemon is quite simple even though I haven’t managed to make the correct chain. The Pokemon trainer fights are easy especially if you learned the elementary attacks of your partner Pokemon (Evoli or Pikachu).

As such, Pokemon Let’s Go is more a chilling out game than a challenge game. Or it might be destined to a younger public, from 8 to 12. As such, if you have a child in that age range, I think it is the perfect occasion to share your Pokemon game passion with them.

The small fun sides of Pokemon Let’s Go Evoli

The first feature that I love is being able to walk around with Evoli. I am such a fan of this little Pokemon and as such, delighted to have it by my side in this new adventure. Furthermore, it has crazy attacks that makes it so strong!!!

The second is the use of the Pokeball Go Plus. This little remote is very soft and really nice to play with. It allows you to play calmly with only one hand. It really is well adapted and allows you to navigate easily in the game and its menus.

The major advantage to this accessory is to be able to take your Pokemon along just like a tamagochi. It’s really cute to hear Evoli when you shake the pokeball. It has an integrated pedometer that allows your Pokemon to gain experience in function of the steps you did with it. This experience is given to your Pokemon when you send it back into the game.

Throwing the Pokeball to capture the Pokemons is also one of the strong points. It’s a shame that the combat phase to weaken the Pokemon doesn’t exist… they could have done a mix…

In conclusion

I would say that Pokemon Let’s Go plays a lot on the nostalgia side of the players from the beginning while trying to bring new players from Pokemon Go. The combination between classical RPGs and the gameplay from Pokemon Go is nicely integrated, but will most certainly displease the players used to the RPG series.

You have to see this first Pokemon game on Switch like a chilling out game or a discovery game for your children. Personally, I don’t regret my purchase especially with the little Pokeball Go Plus because I am having a great time playing this game.

I would love to share my passion with my nieces when they will be a little older thanks to this game. In the meanwhile, I’ll certainly play with my nephew who is a bit older and able to read =)