Stray Cat Doors

Stray Cat Doors

  • Genres : Adventure, Puzzle
  •  Publishers : PULSMO
  • Players : 1
  • Console : Switch
  • Languages : Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English
  • Release date : January 31, 2019


Stray Cat Doors is a little game very cute that was released on Switch the 31st January 2019. Presented as an enigma, escape-room style game, that title caught my attention and for only 2€27 I wasn’t risking anything.

Stray Cat Doors: what is it?

The title doesn’t really give us any clue. Stray Cat Doors is actually an enigma game proposed under the form of an escape game.

What I mean by that is that each level will let you access a room in which you will have to solve the enigmas in order to get out.

There are 6 levels, you will have to successfully finish those six rooms filled with enigmas. Each finished levels will unlock a picture retracing the life of your character beside her cat. It’s so cute!

The game and its ambiance

Stray Cat Doors is really a kawaii and cute game be it on a graphics level or its soundtrack or the story told through the game.

The tactile mode of the game is a plus to play in portable mode. I have to say that I haven’t had the idea of playing it on the TV.

The enigmas are quite nice: neither too simple, or too complicated to solve and they are very diverse. There are all types of enigmas: observation, colour codes, puzzles, numerical codes, logic, drawings… everything very well integrated in the décor of each room.

The more you go into the game, the more the enigmas become complex and it really pushes you to finish the game.

It’s a solo game, but I shared it with my boyfriend. We simply placed the Switch between us and looked to solve the enigmas together. This collaboration made, in my opinion, the game much more fun and interesting.

Stray Cat Doors - 02
Stray Cat Doors - fin niveau
Stray Cat Doors - enigme
Stray Cat Doors - code symbole

The lifespan

We finished the game in an hour. We did it in a chill out mode without giving ourselves a time objective like in a true escape game.

My boyfriend is an escape room fan, he is used to enigmas and I have to say that without him I would have struggled with a few of them.


To conclude, I would say that Stray Cat Doors is really a nice little game. I liked the graphics and the sound ambiance of the game as well as the difficulty level and the diversity of the enigmas.

If you like enigmas games, and considering the price, I recommend you to go ahead and buy Stray Cat Doors. It really is worth it.