Cat Quest version boite

Cat Quest

  • Genres : Aventure, RPG, Action
  • Publishers : Pqube
  • Developers : The Gentlebros
  • Players : 1
  • Consoles : Nintendo Switch
  • Languages : Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, American English
  • Realise date : November 10, 2017

Cat Quest is a small independent game available basically only on the Nintendo E-shop. Then released in box version on July 6th, 2018.

It is on this occasion that I launched out in the adventure.


Let’s go for the Cat-venture

Cat Quest is a little action RPG simply charming and refreshing. It is compulsory to add that it is completely addictive.

You incarnate a little kitten in a world full of cats that has to save his little sister from the mean dragons. Yes, you heard well: cats. A lot of cats that are so cute. Oh and yes, a few dragons!

The setting up of the story is simple but efficient: you are a Dragon Blood, or if you want to:a cat capable of fighting dragons and you want to save your little sister. As such you are directly immerged in this universe of cute kittens.

Dragons VS dracosangs
Forge de Kit-Cat devant le lac de la chatpital

Why I recommend Cat Quest to you?

I think that I have no reproach to make concerning this little game, but more only positive points. I am going to expose those points from the one I preferred to the one I liked the least.

The humour

This game is full of it. Each quest, each town, each character is thought out with humour. And it’s really enjoyable to smile and discover all those touches of humour throughout the game.

Chat Mage

The story

What at first looked like a simple intrigue becomes step by step a little scenario well thought out with a few unexpected twists and turns. I really appreciated that work.

Stuff - bâton de mage

The lifespan

The lifespan of the game is pretty good and promises many hours of game even more if one wishes to play to the bonuses modes. I won’t say anymore ;P

La Chapitale

The gameplay and sound ambiance

It is fluid and allows everyone to play as he wishes: as a mage, or hand to hand combat or a mix of both. The gameplay is super simple to take into hand, but asks for a bit of training to have a perfect mastery of it. We never get bored. The music and the sound effects that rhythm the adventure are nice and quite diversified.

Cat Quest 1 : kidnapping frangine

The difficulty

The difficulty is well and truly present in the game. I had to stop going from quests to quests to improve my character’s level a little, its equipment or farm a dungeon to have some money. I wasn’t able to by my spells T-T

Carte du monde de Cat Quest


Cat Quest is a little game, well thought on every level: gameplay, story, graphics, music and humour. It is ideal for your chilling out evenings after work, but careful! It is completely addictive once launched, you will struggle putting the remote down.

I finished it and I only have one thing to say: “I can’t wait for the following episode!”