Cyber Protocol : la ville

Cyber Protocol

  • Genres : Music, Puzzle, Arcade, Party
  • Publishers : RedDeerGames sp. z o.o.
  • Players : 1-4
  • Consoles : Nintendo Switch
  • Languages : Anglais
  • Release date : September 26, 2019

Today, I am proposing a test on Cyber Protocol. An indie game that proposes you to incarnate a hacker that has to hack into the system to save his friend: Android.

I got an email from the developing team that proposed me to test the game freely in exchange of this test. I of course took the opportunity, because the theme of the game interested me. In the end, I really loved that game! Here is why:

The ambiance and theme of the game

The game speaks about hacking, which is quite uncommon and spiked my curiosity from the beginning. Being a web developer myself the subject spoke to me and I asked for a key in order to test the game.

When you first launch the game, you have a small cinematic: black backdrop and fluorescent colours take a central place to brush the portrait of a futuristic town. This introduction is rhythmed by an electro cyber-punk style music. You like it or not, but I loved it! It made me think of the Tron movie, you know that movie where the hero is drawn into a world fully electronic. I love that movie.

Attracted by the ambiance, I started the first level, only to give myself a preview… and I did the first 5 levels until the end of my pause and the moment I had to get back to work… I was literally drawn into the game; the gameplay is really super-addictive!

The levels of Cyber Protocol

Let’s talk about those famous levels I loved so much. They made me think of the “grid” in the movie Tron, where the moto races take place with the light traces. It reminded me that I hadn’t seen the movie in a while… I’ll have to fix that. Anyways, let’s go back to the game. Graphically speaking, I thought that the levels were a mix between the “grid” and a Pac-Man. However the gameplay is very different.

You incarnate a “square” that has to go through the level that is nothing more than a informatics system. You have to avoid being seen or destroyed by the system. The more you go along the adventure, the more the system will become harder and will try to trap you. That is to say, the levels will become longer and more complex, but the traps will also evolve and become more difficult to avoid.

That is the addictive side revealing itself. The more the system will try to trap you the more you will want to finish the level to prove that it is you who is the strongest. Oh god, the game is seriously getting to me :p

That is to say that I became completely addicted! It is the first time for me of doing an arcade type of game in which I want to play once again in order to improve my score.

The game is composed of 100 levels split in 10 sectors. The vocabulary used is there, once more, closer to computer science than to video games. I love it!

The 100 levels are a guarantee of an important lifespan even more if you look to reach for the highest score possible.

Choix du niveau

The music and game menus

Giving your opinion on music and game menus at the same times might seem strange at first, but for that game it is completely coherent. The music in an electro cyber punk style plunges you completely in the ambiance of a hacker that is going to attack a computer system. And this sensation is maintained throughout the game’s menus that look like the computer screens of the hacker: in an old Linux or MDOS style.

Those two elements complement one another perfectly and emerge you completely in the universe of the game, it’s so cool!

During the difficult levels of the game, the music pushes you to advance through the levels, to finish them and go further in the game. That is really motivating.

I totally adhered to the game’s ambiance!

Jukebox Cyber Protocol


It was really a wonderful discovery for me. I am completely hooked to the game’s universe and I am having a lot of fun on every levels. Even though I die a lot ^^

Playing after work relaxes me, because I have to focus on the game only and I forget the rest. The levels are hard so that the player has a satisfaction feeling once he/she completes it but they are at the same time simple enough for not being frustrating when you die. You always have the sensation of going forward be it when you reach a save point or having spotted a trap for your next try.

Honestly I am not sure of being completely neutral when I speak of this game… I am completely addicted! In short, I really recommend it, because I loved it and it costs only 9,99€!