New game test that fits in the two player game series: Pode. A little scene setting first to enjoy the game to its fullest! Install yourself comfortably in your couch with your game partner and don’t forget a hot drink and a blanket. Here, now you are ready to play to this little so cute indie game in the best of conditions. 

Pode a cutie story

It’s the story of a little fallen from the sky that can’t manage to find its way back to the firmament. It crosses the path of a little but clever little rock that is going to help it climb on top of an enormous mountain in order to join the sky once again.

As you might have understood one of the player plays the star and the other one the small rock. And off we go for a duo adventure at the heart of the mountain.

Etoile et Petit Rocher

The gameplay

The gameplay is all soft, as is the story and the rest of the game. Each character can project some sort of aura under the form of a luminous sphere around it. By activating this power and by walking around the map, the star will make flowers and other plants bloom while the little rock will make crystals and flower buds that the star will be able to make blossom appear.

This « flowering » phase will have to be reproduced in each of the room you go through. Each time, it’s a true spectacle! Furthermore, it will allow you to unveil the mechanisms that will allow you to go forward with the story.

The star and the little rock possess different powers and characteristics that you will have to use to solve the puzzles. For example, the star will be light amplifying its jumps, but it will be unable of activating switches. The small rock is heavy and as such its jumps will be shorter but it will be able to activate switches.

Those little differences between the two characters make them complementary and offer a beautiful two player experience.

Concerning the handling of the game: it is very easy. It’s a calm game in all senses of the term: no bosses, no enemies, no timer limiting your time… Pode really proposes you to live an experience softly and gently. It is ideal to spend a cocooning like afternoon.



Pode is a gentle and cute game that proposes a poetic game experience that you can share. The story, the graphics and the music are calm and really nice. The puzzles are quite simple and appeal to your observational skills. The lifespan of the game is pretty short as we finished the game in an afternoon.

Pode is part of those little indie games that enchant you by its poetic universe. I recommend it to you if you wish to spend a cocooning afternoon for two.

Paysage Pode