Dragon Quest Builder 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2

  • Genres : RPG, Action
  • Publisher : Nintendo
  • Developers : Square Enix
  • Players : 1-4
  • Consoles : Nintendo Switch
  • Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Release date : July 12, 2019

Released 15 days ago, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the rightful successor of the first opus. In order to propose an interesting and realistic test, I am actively farming the game since its release. At the moment, I spent between 60 and 70 hours on the game and I would say that I am about 2/3rd or ¾ into the main scenario which allows me to have a pretty viable idea of the game.

Let’s begin with a reminder on the heart of the story

The story

In the Dragon Quest Builders series, you incarnate a builder, that is to say one of the people that has the ability of creating and conceiving objects, furniture, houses… from raw materials.

A builder has the formidable power of construction that is a synonym of hope for the inhabitants. When a builder settles somewhere, all around him villages, farms, mines and all sorts of other infrastructure develop themselves around him or her. They bring joy and comfort to the inhabitants of the villages.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 : mon perso

In the first episode of the game, we were the last human to possess the power of building. And we had to use this power to rebuild four cities and bring light back on “Cantelin” which had been stolen by Lordragon as well as the power of building.

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, you are a builder trainee among others, but you are not really welcome in this world. Indeed, the world is governed by the church of destruction, the heirs of Kaos.

This church is converting little by little the entire population to the cult of Kaos, the grand master of destruction. As such, all humans and monsters spend their time destroying all what they can find. The cult also forbids all traces of creation/construction: houses, repairs, cooking…

Your quest will be to bring back the taste of building to the people while pushing back armies of monsters of the church of destruction.

Dragon Quest builder 2 : Eglise de la destruction

The scenario is simple, but very polishes and proposes a plot with multiple unexpected twists and turns.

It’s really enjoyable to be surprised by the game, I loved it! The story has also many touches of humour that made me smile during my 70 hours of game.

The more I go on, the more I realise that the outcome of the story is not that easy as it seems. I am impatient to see how it goes.

What about the game in itself?

The game is really super addictive! Of course you will have to like building games in a sandbox style, but if that is the case, go ahead. I have to say that I am totally the target of this style of game. I really loved Dragon Quest Builders 1 but I have to say that I am in love with this one.

Maybe you’re wondering why I love it so much.

Well it’s simply because the developers took into account a large majority of the comments made by the players concerning the first opus of the series. That is what makes Dragon Quest Builders 2 a true gem.

Dragon Quest builder 2 : Outils de bâtiseur

Let’s see those modifications

Some concern the gameplay, other the game’s system and have as objective giving an optimal game experience for the player.

The first upgrade comes from the diversification of the tools available to you. They will allow you to build faster and more easily.

  • The builder’s gloves to change a block or an object without having to destroy it
  • A hammer to brake blocks where you need it, one by one or on a specific zone.

There are a lot of others that you unlock as you go along. I will let you the pleasure of discovering them by yourself, but keep in mind that all those tools will give you a true playing comfort.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 : pêche saison pass

The second interesting point concerns the “free mode”, the one in which you can let your imagination run wild. It is integrated inside the story under the form of an island!

Your island lives and evolves as you discover other islands. And that is really nice! You’re not alone on your island anymore, because you will be able to invite characters that you meet on different islands. Furthermore, a multiplayer mode will allow to build with up to 4 players on your island locally or online.

The third point is that everything is bigger!

The maps of the islands are huge and the building zone of the cities is a lot lot bigger. Each island will propose you to let your inner builder run wild, but as well as an exporter or a fighter. Indeed, each island, contains enigmas and bosses spread across the island. You will also find a lot of hidden secrets here and there, so don’t hesitate to comb through the island.

You will have to count about 20 to 25 hours to finish the story of an island and completely explore it.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 : carte

The fourth point is the evolution curve.

In the first game it only represented the level of your city and your evolution in learning the different techniques of fabrication: that is to say being able to create objects and equipment… more robust and efficient.

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, you have 3 evolution curves:

The gratitude level of the characters improving your builder’s level: new recipes, etc…

Your combat level. It will allow you to deal more damage and have more live points, but also being able to craft better weapons, armors…

The collecting of mini-medals that will give you access to builder’s material or small custom items.

As you may have understood, gathering new materials won’t give you the opportunity to discover the recipes associated with it as in the first game… sometimes yes!

Also, small tip, killing the bosses on the map will allow you to learn new recipes.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 : permière ile

Let’s get on the fifth point: the interface

The map is very detailed and is displayed as you discover each zone and possesses very useful teleportation points.

The menus are fluid and allow to find plans, materials, decorations, etc… quite easily thanks to a sorting by category.

You will also be able to use many very useful shortcuts to put your items away in a chest or break blocks.

Another thing I wish to point out!

I almost forgot to talk to you about the last feature. Shame on me… The monsters continue to attack you and your village, but this time you are not alone anymore.

Your bodyguard Malroth will follow you in all your expeditions and some villagers will help you defend your village.

And if unluckily, part of your village is destroyed, no panic, the villagers will repair everything for you. It is a true relief compared to the first opus! I was always scared after fighting the bosses of having to rebuild everything on my own.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 : solidarité

Anyways, all of that to say that everything is done for the comfort of the players. You also have to note that once on an island, you won’t have any loading time. However, launching the game as well as your trips on the boat are quite long.

In conclusion

I love this game! I want to build a lot of things, I love to share my passion for the game with everyone. Actually, the Discord Friends can tell you that I became completely addicted to this game.

The story intrigues me more and more and scares me a little from time to time. I like what the game is offering me at the moment, and I don’t want it to change, but I want to know the end of the story. I just hope that it will end the way I want it to. In the meantime, I am going to build loads and loads of things on my island to share it with your during a livestream, my little paradise island.

Oh yes, I had almost forgotten if you liked the first game, you will like the 2nd and if you like Minecraft, it is very probable that you will like Dragon Quest Builders.


Des bizoux !

Dragon Quest Builder 2 : Lulu Malroth et Akiko