This week’s recap comes a little late and I have less things than the last week to tell you.

Yunicia erf !

We start directly by the actuality of this blog

I continue working on the translation of my posts into English with Rose, but it takes a lot time. Tomorrow, I will publish my review about Atelier Ryza 2 which I began testing ten days ago.

I will start to test a new game for my future review, I think it’ll probably be on Blue Fire which will be released on February 4th. However, I didn’t have this game early like Atelier Ryza 2 and I will write my review at the beginning of next week. Meanwhile, I will prepare a little guide to Animal Crossing with all the information concerning the winter season.

To stay on the topic: the update to Animal Crossing

A highly awaited little video about the content of the February update, but the content is not really what I hoped.

Too little news on this video and an event that might be short! It’s a shame.

Here is the video if you want to watch it.

The announcement of the Nintendo Switch Edition Monster Hunter

The Nintendo Switch MONSTER HUNTER edition features an illustration of Magnamalo on the docking station and characteristic MONSTER HUNTER RISE motifs decorate the console and Joy-Con controllers. It also contains a download code for MONSTER HUNTER RISE, the DLC for the deluxe kit and bonus content (the special Chumsky « Retriever » armour, the special Palico « Forest Cat » armour and the Apprentice Talisman). The MONSTER HUNTER RISE edition Nintendo Switch Pro controller, sold separately, also features a design reminiscent of Magnamalo.

It is pretty but I would have preferred another colour than black and gold. However, I really like the Nintendo Switch Pro controller but it’s too expensive and mine is working good. And you? Will you fall for this Switch edition?

Nintendo Switch édition Monter Hunter
Nintendo Switch édition Monter Hunter - dock
Nintendo Switch édition Monter Hunter - manette
Nintendo Switch édition Monter Hunter - dos

The fuser demo !

The video game Fuser now has a demo in the eShop.

Honestly, having has the possibility to test it, I have to advise you to download and test this game.

I was sceptic before I tested it, and now I know it’s a very good game!

The promotion I fell for !

I took Dead Cells and all the DLCs. I just played a few minutes of the demo and it persuaded me to buy the complete game… It completely fell for this game !

Dead Cells
Yunicia Coucou

That is all for this little recap. I am sorry for how late it’s coming out, but this weekend was busy and I started a little late.

Have a good week and don’t forget to come back tomorrow at 10am to read my review about Ryza 2 !

Bye Bye !