Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for joining me to discover my videogame universe through my adventures in the land of Nintendo. The land where Zelda, Mario and Pokemon rule the world and the perfect place to escape for an evening…and enjoy a game or two.


Nintendo’s video games have been a part of my life ever ever since I was a child and they continue to make me dream today. The aim with my blog is to share this unique gaming universe with you thanks to my favourite games.

Why not look further and discover my tests and my girlie tips to improve your gaming experience.

Who am I ?

Yunicia Calinou Evoli

My name is Claire, though some people know me as Yunicia and others from longer ago, know me as Akiko. I have been a passionate RPG player for the last 20 years. I joined the world of Nintendo with Pokemon and Zelda and I’ve never been there ever since.

For me, playing is a pleasurable and a relaxing moment! I like to play to discover new worlds and new stories, in the constant search of adventure that provide a way out of my everyday life and reality.

Let me introduce you to my trusty companion Inuki.

He has been by my side for almost 8 years. He is a Dutch shepherd dog who supports his mistress and gameplayer as well as he can.

I love him to bits and he is my source of support on a day-to-day basis. He is truly adorable.


Why did I decide to create this blog?

Yunicia habillée en Link

I created this blog to share my passion for video games with people who are, like me, hooked to the ever-varying indeed worlds of  video games.

It isn’t always easy to talk openly about video games in everyday life: this could be because this passion is often assimilated to something that is childish or even masculine. Being a girl and wanting to share my passion, I decided to create my blog and in so doing, to create my very own girlie video game universe.

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